Thursday, September 11, 2008

It just makes me want to climb out my car window and hug it

Flame trees are definitely gorgeous, especially when the island is in full bloom and Beach Road is bejeweled with them. I so love trees, not enough to tie myself to one to prevent death by machete, but enough that they make me stop my car to stare. This tree stands right by the parking lot gate at Garapan Elementary School and is a beauty to behold. It makes me happy - literally giddy when I drive by it. Anyone know what it's called and where I can get a seedling/sapling?

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The Beachcomber said...

Yes, one of my favorite natives. Too bad that Saipan is too Flame Tree-centric, but I am glad that you found the beauty of the Gulos ( Cynometra ramiflora). I hope your school planting projects lean more toward native trees. It is easy to find saplings in the limestone forest.