Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That's What I Said Thursday!

You're in line at the checkout counter and the person in front of you is yelling at the bewildered cashier. When you get up to pay, do you a) pretend nothing happened b) behave extra nice to make up for the other person's rudeness or c) say something funny to break the tension? If you picked "c", what would you say?
My answer: C
I'd say loudly, "Give him/her a break, if you looked like that you'd be cranky too"
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Anonymous said...

the answer is b and c. start with humor (eg. good morning - even if it is the afternoon or evening)and then end with a sincere thank you.

KAP said...

Probably a joke about the customer.

Something like "have a nice day" -- with the eyebrow lift

Anonymous said...

Can you explain how is the cashier attitude?
some cashier is just plain rude-er and meaner .
I choose a) if the cashier is mean
I choose C) If the cashier is nice and polite and I would say "li..ike that top ^^

Paguroidea said...

c. "He/She must have mistaken you for a CUC customer service rep."

Road-Block Blogger said...

I'm sure the cashier may want to say something outright, but keeping his/her professionalism... well I would probably say it for he/her for a good laugh.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Since the cashier is bewildered there may be a reason the terret's syndrome customer is yelling at her. Even so I suggest D. Both you and the cashier yell something at the customer on his way out the door. It would be nice if you do the yelling in two part harmony.

Boni said...

Like what?

Tamara said...

D) quietly sneak your items past the yelling cashier and customer and consider them compensation for having to witness such and ordeal...he he