Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mark 8:36 - How much is your soul worth?

"Money motivates neither the best people, nor the best in people. It can move the body and influence the mind, but it cannot touch the heart or move the spirit; that is reserved for belief, principle, and morality"

Wayne and I were looking through some of my piles of paperwork when he came across my handouts from a workshop on Vision. Not vision as in eyesight, but seat-of-your-soul type vision. We've had to do a bit of our own forward planning based on recent occurrences and have found out that despite how gloomy our financial futures appear to be, for the first time in our lives things are looking up. You see, together we have an obscene amount of debt, just a little present we got in divorce court. It's a long story.

We got to talking about this quote you see above. Money is such a source of contention, we are all consumed by how much better things would be if only we had the money. Boy, imagine how great life would be without all this debt? But, what does money really offer? Is your degree of integrity swayed by the size of your pocket book? I think not. I believe that money is like light. It brings out the true character of a person. Wayne is an optimist by nature and believes that people can change. Bad people can become good people and vice versa. I think bad people are sometimes disguised as good people until something happens to expose them, and vice versa. True, I've seen people change, but I think they really only found their way back to their true self. I've known a lot of really nasty people try to be good and winced at how hard it was for them.

It's a difference in opinion, but one thing's for sure. We've got a great life, awesome children and no money (oh wait, I have that $2 bill in my wallet). At first it all but paralyzed me with fear, but with every day that passes I watch this amazing man smile as if he'd never been wronged, not a trace of anxiety in his voice and I realize that we are so rich, so rich indeed. If money is your bargaining piece Scorpion, you've already lost. Looong story.


Anonymous said...

i think you guys are the richest !!!....coz a love like yours....priceless....

ur sista ;-)

Saipan Writer said...

I think you're both right. People can change, and people do hang out in disguise.