Monday, August 13, 2007

Saipan's Mommy Blogger Awards

I consider myself a thinker, and you'd agree with me if you equated mental jibberish with thinking too. My rumination is often limited to monosyllables and one word sentences: "eat", "groceries", "P.O.", "substitute", "timesheet", "sleep" - although not necessarily in that order and often simultaneously.

Being a mommy automatically makes me eligible to be a world changer too, but it requires that I climb ranks - first as diaper changer, money changer, and the ominous mind changer. "What! Mom, you said I could go yesterday!"

I figured no one would understand this as much as mommies like me, so I came up with the Mommy Blogger Award. Let's face it girls, if we want to climb any ladder, we've got to paint it pink - ourselves. So here it is - Saipan's First Mommy Blogger Award!! I am nominating Deece first and inviting her to copy the image on her website and nominate another great mommy.

Here are OUR rules:
1. Nominate an awesome mommy blogger
2. Tell her why you think she rocks
3. Ask her to post the award on her blog and do the same

Here's mine: DEECE
I love your wit and creativity. You have the ability to make a point, convey a feeling in a single sentence. You're pretty shy, but I have the feeling that if someone got to know you, you'd be one hilarious joke teller and forever friend. You are passionate about what you believe in and share your love of family in every post. You are honest about how you feel and I find that refreshing. You'd probably be the first to admit that you aren't perfect, but I sense direction and a drive to be your very best in all that you do. What is it Wednesdays totally has everyone on their toes! That's just one example of your ability to bring people together. Congratulations! Pass it on.


Deece said...

Thank you, Boni!

BoReGo said...

It was my pleasure, you do rock!