Thursday, August 23, 2007

Micronesian Challenge

Happy Hour at the Grand Hotel tomorrow night. The winners of the Micronesian Challenge will be announced and if you're looking for a prize that will have you resting in peace and tranquility, there will be an Aqua Resort night stay! Come see the pictures of our gorgeous islands and share the evening with friends.


Missy said...

I recently finished Water for Elephants, it was pretty okay. My all time recommendation would be to read Marley & Me...great book. If I were on island, I would loan you Water for Elephants. Bonesetter's Daughter is good. Bayou Farewell is good for non-fiction (about the shrinking Louisiana coastline and Bayou heritage), Wicked is good...I have another one by the same author, called Mirror, Mirror. They are a bizarro twist on the fairy tales. If you want a quick read that will make you cry, read Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. Hope that helps...kind of out of my reading groove right now.


BoReGo said...

Thanks, it helps a lot. I almost bought Bonesetter's Daughter!