Friday, August 31, 2007


I had an early dinner with my baby sister Yvette last night. We got to talking about our kids and birthdays, and what holidays were coming up. After looking at some online Halloween costumes for the kiddies, we started joking about what we'd wear this year. I suggested: how about we go to work in black and call ourselves CUC?


Saipan Writer said...

Very funny!

In the mid-1980's, our office decided to have all the staff dress in costume one Halloween. I wore a Juan Pan tee shirt (I'd found it on the ground, discarded after some event), a hat plastered with bumper stickers, and tattered clothes. I called my costume a political campaign. I thought that was pretty scary, too!

Like the new look on your blog.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I like the new blog look. The dress pattern thing you were using before as a backdrop was distracting. The new pic looks great too. Makes me want to head to the beach, kick back and enjoy a book.

I saw your story in the paper. Letting the kids out sounds okay if the power is out, but why not take them all on a field trip? Explore the Samoan Housing area....window shopping on the Paseo......collecting specimens at American Memorial Park....something to broaden their horizons. Digging for coal to fuel the power plant? (:-))

BoReGo said...

Jane: that's a perfect costume, especially if you can incorporate a picnic table into it!
Bruce: Thanks, I needed a new crisp look. About dismissing students: I guess I could always have them line beach road with empty coffee can labeled "help us raise money to privatize CUC".

Bryan said...

Now THAT is funny!

Jeff said...

Boni runs the biggest elementary school on the island Bruce. You can't have an impromptu field trip of 1000 kids -- unless she was Caesar or Alexander in a previous life and retains that type of logistical prowess.

Angie said...

If you decide to raise funds to privatize CUC, my class will be in to help! We were without power for more than 2 hours one day and almost two hours another, and did NOT go home. I too LOVE the new look! Keep it up!

Boni said...

Jeff: I possess no more power than the sum of my staff. But, when it comes to prowess, I must say that after a few margaritas I'm a singing maniac!

Angie: with everything else we do (teachers, admin, etc.) why couldn't we run the power plant?

Thanks everyone for the compliments on the new look. The banner is a snapshot of a day at Micro Beach. That's actually Bree's book I'm reading and haven't finished yet.

Saipan Patricia said...

The new look is great!