Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What A Jam-Packed Week!

Open House at Mt. Carmel. We met all of Hope's new teachers and received our
parental involvement points just for showing up. Don't show up, don't get your points. Just another fancy Catholic guilt trip. Joking! Do I get points for lame jokes?
Professional Development: Clinical Supervision & Evaluation
with former PSS Commissioner Dr. Rita Inos. For most of us it was more of a reunion and a chance to re-focus. "You have a mighty team" she said, "your best resources, your human resources are invaluable and you are going to get through this" I am inspired anew.
Yes, those are french fries. Yes, that is fina-deni. No joke, they brought it to the table like this.
Only on Saipan.
The G.E.S. Health & Wellness Team at work.
Thirty minutes before the food coma.

Thanks Jeff and Cynthia, for the dinner, the company and a chance for a night out with companions who can hold a conversation for more than three minutes. Tony and I have gotten so adept at eating and talking as we pull a three year old off a restaurant window pane that we'd forgotten what it was like to sit down for a meal. Their boys were so well-behaved that I almost got the mommy withdrawal shakes. How does one eat without the scampering of feet, sound of toys dropping to the floor every few seconds and the persistent whining of crumb-snatchers?

I have to say, Cynthia and Jeff are a great team. They had kitchen symphony! The food was really great, Jeff's not joking when he says he can cook.
Chicken Marsala a la Jeff
Do you see the sangria? The sweet and wonderful sangria?

This pasta rocked!

Cynthia and Jeff ...awww


Jeff said...

You are quite welcome.

Melissa said...

Dude, I'll have to yell at Jeff for not even knocking on my door and inviting me down for a glass of Sangria! ACK!

Jeff said...

The last time I knocked on your door to invite you over for a drink you ignored my knock like I was the killer from a horror movie. You previously claimed not to answer the door as well. You gotta change your policy on doors.

Lex said...

French fries with fina-deni ROFL!

Lex said...

Yeah right I'm one to laugh, I came out here expecting KFC to have red rice lol.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Looks delicious, Jeff and Cynthia. (Cyn, please pack Jeff a lunch bag for the next dive trip).

He also makes a dandy margarita!

BoReGo said...

Red rice at KFC? I did that too in San Diego. They looked at me like I was crazy.