Sunday, August 5, 2007

Any Day Now Lady!

Have you ever noticed that the drivers who abuse their car horns and get overly animated are the same ones who take their sweet time when backing out of a parking spaces? As if rebelling from the things they hate the most, they saunter to their cars, never making eye contact with the driver waiting for their space, fiddling with their keys as if admiring their newly manicured nails. When they finally get in their vehicle, they adjust and re-adjust the rearview mirror, tune the radio and smooth their hair or make-up. Then they back up slowly enough to piss you off before they speed off! Ugh!
Me waiting for a woman backing up at National Office Supply during the school supplies rush.
After exhibiting all of the above behavior, she opens her car door and looks at me. I've got my head propped on one arm and massaging an aching brow.

Woman shouting: Cannot!

Me thinking : Cannot what lady? You cannot estimate the space you have to make a friggin three point turn? I cannot have your parking space because your name is engraved on the concrete? We cannot be friends because I gave you a dirty look for taking so long and still not buckling up? "Cannot" what? I cannot understand you!!


hello insomnia said...

I would have at least inquired.

And also, why is it that people who cut me off also have several dents, scrapes or car parts held up with duct tape?

Anonymous said...

Boni: Your sense of humor can still be felt over 7,000 miles away in Texas! Thanks for the laugh. Hope the school year is starting off well for you guys. Say hi to Dale for me. :)

Saipan Writer said...

National Office Supply was a madhouse this weekend. I drove through the parking lot twice on Saturday hours apart, and twice on Sunday, trying to find a place to park. Decided I'd wait until today.

At one point a man, woman and baby came out, opened up their car, which was parked in a front row spot, with me next in line--Yay! I waited. They settled the baby in the car seat in the backseat--that took ages. And then they both got into the front seats. I waited, and cars backed up behind me. (No one beeped!)

And just as I was realizing that something was wrong with the picture, that neither of the adults had brought out any package from the store, the husband got out and said they weren't leaving. Shrug.

Okay, I get it. Older kids are inside shopping and mom and dad are wiped out from the crowd, escape to car. No spot for me. Why did I think I'd be so lucky?

Today. I'll shop today. While the kids are in school. It won't be crowded then, I hope.

BoReGo said...

Mona: I did inquire. I raised my hands and eyebrows and nodded my head. I figure a dumb statement deserves a dumb response.
Steve & Miwa (now on referred to as StiWa): I miss you guys! I'm not that funny, you're just jetlagged.
Jane: It was really crazy, and remember I'm claustrophic. So I had to look down the whole time and then when the palpitations hit me, we paid for whatever was in the basket and left!

Jeff said...

Take down the blog poll -- it's over.