Friday, August 17, 2007


Thanks Deece! Here's what Deece wrote about me (blush) and the rules for the Mommy Blogger Award. Deece has really great ideas and she, like the Trailblazer (not the basketball team, excuse me ha, I'm ESL), knows how to add pizzaz, so I've taken some of her additions to the awarding process.

BONI! Boni is one hard working mother-shut your mouth! During the day she is a psudo-mommy to other people's children, at night and on the weekends she is mommy to her own three children. You can tell from her posts that Boni puts a lot of effort into her children, into raising them as contributing citizens, into maintaining a sense of humor and sharing it with her kids, into teaching them to have minds of their own. She admits when she's wrong and she isn't afraid to put herself out there - to know what it means to have a family in Saipan politics and still speak out when its needed. Boni is a mommy to learn from.
Here are OUR rules:
1. Nominate an awesome mommy blogger
2. Tell her why you think she rocks
3. Ask her to post the award on her blog and do the same
4. Add your name and blog to the list of past awardees and copy it into your post

Past awardees:
1. Deece -
2. Mona -
3. Boni -

My nomination is Brenda Sha-Sha-Shazam!!

Bren: What can't you do and at the same time find time to nurture your kids? You are like, the epitome of good mothering. It seems to me that nothing fazes you, even though as a mom I know better. You have always put your children first in every decision you've made. I've seen you defend them like a mother hawk and draw them near to you like a mother hen. I have no doubt that your kids will grow up fulfilled, successful and with the same spirit that you have worked so hard to instill in them. Brenda is a mother to emulate. (Deece's starter)

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