Thursday, August 9, 2007

How Not To React On Your Daughter's First Day At Jr. High

Hope is going to my Alma Mater, go Knights!! I saw Jane at the parent orientation meeting . It was a hoot looking at our girls' reactions to the old and new rules. We are lucky mothers indeed. Hope sat there frozen as the disciplinarian read off consequences and categories of offenses. I have to admit, I sat in the perfect spot to see my old hallway where I spent all of my High School days, and all I could think of were all the rules I managed to break. Ah, the memories. Lucky thing for Hope that Mr. G, the principal knows what exactly to look out for since we went to school together . Hey Mr. G, did you take care of those old permanent records yet? Oops there goes another year with my...

Oops, there goes another year with my...

Oops, there goes another year with my Hope!

I need the parent version of Ned's De-Classified School Survival Guide. I took Hope to her first day of Jr. High today. Correction. I drove her to the gate and then she very gently told me that she could walk herself to class. Gulp! I let my head hang and took a deep breath. Okay, stomach stop churning and heart don't fly out of my throat. "Are you sure?" "Yup"
Okay. She'll be okay, right? I am a good mother, right? She's just getting older, right? So, I call her three times on my way to work trying to ignore the dizzy sensation, "Hope are you sure you can find your way, are you sure you don't want me to walk you in?" I made it to the Garapan Fishing Basin and then screech! I pulled a U-ey and dialed her cell, "Hope, wait for me at the gate, I'm coming back to walk you to class!" But, she was already in class and there were no other parents around. She's promised to let me walk her in tomorrow, just so that she doesn't get lost you know. Or, maybe so her mother doesn't feel like she's losing her baby.
Look who we've got our Hanes on now! Oh yeah, finally!


Saipan Writer said...

Anna would kill me if I did that! Walk her to class? uh-uh.

Hope looks nice in her uniform. Anna managed to get hers wrinkled a hundred different ways by the time she got down from the pick-up. Guess she knows how much I love ironing. :-)

And just so you know--I've got a blog for the MCS Junior Thespians at . If Hope's interested, she can check the blog for news. (Or you can!)

Melissa said...

She'll always remember her first day of Jr. High and how much she loved you for not walking her in!

BUT, if those are a picture of her underpants, she'll NEVER forgive you!

By the way... are you gonna make it to Porky's tonight so we can finally meet?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks to you and Tony for coming over to Porky's last evening, Boni. I sure enjoyed your company. Please come again, and remember that Wednesdays are "smokeless" at Porky's.

BoReGo said...

We had fun, thanks for being a great host. So, Wednesday nights are "Smokeless Pork" Nights? COOOL

Angie said...

I'm with Jane and Melissa, my son Matt(can't call him Matthew any more either) would never forgive me if I walked him in. It is extremely hard watching them grow up, but at the same time satisfying knowing that at least you've done something right!
Hang in there!

Vondra said...

Good for people to know.