Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vote for them, not ME

Never mind that I'm fully endorsed by Dog the Bounty Hunter!
I had to give a pretty convincing platform, but I got Diana's vote too!
Bruce says I shouldn't be so selfish, so I ask for you to rethink your voteforme.
Don't vote for me if you don't like little children and flowers.
Don't vote for me if you don't support education.
Don't vote for me if honesty makes you sick.
Don't vote for me if you abhor values and integrity.
If you hate Mallards, women, and basically good people,
for Pete's sake, don't vote for me!
Please, please, voteforme for Bruce because he supports my margarita habit.
Jeff has gone after Justo on my behalf.
I have astigmatism and wear contacts, so I mustn't upset Dave.
Middle Road might have some dirt on voteforme, you never know.
Everyone else is just really nicer than voteforme, so don't vote for voteforme.
Okay, that's the extent of my trash talking.

Would you voteforme for this man?
He's been seen rifling through trash, but he can't even find a belt?
Don't vote for voteforme!


bradinthesand said...

there seems to be an awful lot of bad angelo pictures floating around out there...

Anonymous said...

two words: man boobs

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Tell Diana to change her vote or I'm digging through the college pictures and dedicating a post to her.

BoReGo said...

No can do buddy. That's my computer she's voting on and it is now out of her hands.

hope said...

you guys are crazy

saipan middle road said...

congratulations for ranking second! we voted for you, anyway, but didn't work. as long as it isnt angelo.

but congratulate us for having the over 100 comments for our poll.

thanks for voting!

BoReGo said...

Congratulations for making Angelo's list of recommended Saipan bloggers! I read your blog everyday and enjoy it. Thanks for voting for me and BTW, sometimes when i see you out I don't come over because I think you may be tired of others coming up and need some privacy. But, you know I think you're pretty cool!