Monday, July 16, 2007

Scattered pictures, misty watercolored memories...

Self-portrait of my hand titled "perfecting peace" by Boni
Dat's da kine bounty hunter brah! I snuck a picture while he ate lunch.
I killed the exact same hibiscus in my own garden in Saipan.
I'm glad to see there are plenty more in Oahu.
See how they tremble in my grasp?
Margo Vitarelli the artist in our Art Lab!

I have four different variations of hibiscus in my garden, but this one at the McKinnley High School campus is absolutely gorgeous.


Shazam said...

A Margo Vitarelli workshop! I'm so jealous! I love her work! What did you guys do and learn? COOL STUFF!

BoReGo said...

It was a presentation at PEC for teachers who wanted to learn how to incorporate art into their writing and other lessons. The major focus was on using watercolor, pastels and chalk. Margo walked by and decided to join us. She was nice enough to let me take pictures as she created a piece. It was really awesome. For everyone else who is unfamiliar with her work, she wrote "From the Mouth of the Monster Eel" with Nancy Bo Flood and is a museum curator as well as a wonderful pacific artist.

Lex said...

Sweet pics, did you by any chance see Dog with his wig off? Btw, just linked you to my blog.

BoReGo said...

I didn't even know that was a wig. You sure? Thanks, I'll link you to mine too.

Lex said...

Nah was j/k, got you though :P