Monday, July 23, 2007

Reese Way Do I Go?

I'm walking around in the backyard of a two story house trying to find my way to the front door. There are flowers everywhere and a vegetable garden. There are chain linked fences surrounding each house. It is grandma's house and I am not sure where to go. A woman, hunched over looks up at smiles. It is Reese Witherspoon and she is harvesting lettuce, carrots and beets. She points to the front door which miraculously appears before my eyes. I thank her profusely, a little star-struck and unable to say much more. I think to myself, "woah, Reese Witherspoon is grandma's neighbor. I have to blog this!"
I feel the overwhelming need to explain my "don't let me turn into my mother" post and the whole taotaomona thing. No I don't. Yes I do. No I don't. I'm a little moody tonight. Can ya tell?

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Saipan Writer said...


Blog what you feel like, but don't feel that you need to "explain," just explore.

Some of us could write the "don't let me turn into my mother" post for you. We love her. She's a wonderful mother. But, yeah, that's not who I want to become. (Guess I won't win the annual mother's day essay contest!)

As for Chamorro from Taotaomoana--I've never heard that one before. In fact, I've always heard the opposite-that they are not ancestor spirits (although those were/are important. Hence the bones in the ancient Chamorro houses, and our love of Nov. 1.). I heard that Taotaomoana were the "people before"--some kind of really ancient, indigenous, humanoids that disappeared into the shadows or 4th dimension when islanders arrived.

What do you think? islanders intermarried? That would realy foul up the UOG application! (And I never knew about its classification system. Does it do the same for Carolinians?)

Your random thoughts are like poetry. Thanks for sharing.