Thursday, July 5, 2007

Do, think, eat, enjoy

So, we didn't find our picnic tables only because there was no way to tell for sure they were ours and it made more sense to enjoy the day than to run around like a lunatic inspecting everyone's tent. I put on my game face and practiced my wagging finger, but decided to have a beverage instead and just relax. There are worse things in the world to obsess about, what's a few pieces of wood nailed together? I just hope that one day the family who took them will realize what a downright loathsome act they've committed and try to make up for it by doing something good for someone else. Either that, or they all get a really bad rash in their unmentionable parts for months and months.
I met Jollibee Brad for the first time. I introduced him to my hubby, offered him a drink and a sandwich and then watched as he pushed the PTI car that had seemingly run out of gas down the parade route. Weird how meeting bloggers is so totally un-awkward. Look how he still smiles in the blistering sun. It must be all the Champ burgers:) I wonder if Brad gets better service at the drive-through than me and Deece.
I'm glad to see that Roselle Calvo has chosen to resign from Taotao Tano. Disassociating herself with them is a smart move considering the blatant racism that is beginning to define their movement. It is a shame that they can't pull together to do some good for our indigenous families. We talked about this under our tent the afternoon of the parade and the sentiment is ever growing: Taotao Tano does not represent all Chamorros and Carolinians.
I will be leaving for the Pacific Educational Conference in Honolulu this Sunday. My wonderful husband treated me to a drink and a bite (oh, stop) at Porky's before we both rushed home to our chigrins. I saw Bruce, but was too shy to introduce myself (Oh, stop Steve). It was a perfect start to a nice evening and I'm such a lucky girl. I know my hubby dubby has more surprises in store for me before Sunday. So romantic!

We had the Pika Pika platter. I'm no food critic, but here's the down low on our Porky's meal. At first glance I must admit thinking the portions were a bit small. It was a nice surprise that when we finished the plate, both of us were satisfied. The lumpia was delicious, nice and crispy on the outside with just-cooked veggies. I hate limp veggies in my lumpia. The chips were freshly made and just the right size for dipping. I don't eat beef kelaguin anywhere, so this was a stretch for me. It's hard to make Chamorro food that makes me feel like I'm in my grandma's house, so I just usually skip ordering any at restaurants. The beef kelaguin was my favorite, good job on that one. Mussels I am not a fan of and won't pretend to know how to critique. I ate them, they were tasty, that's all you get. The titiyas were moist, had just the right sweetness and were just enough for the portion of chicken kelaguin.

I only have a couple of suggestions for you Bruce. I am one Chamorro who likes my chicken kelaguin at room temperature, so it may be worth it to stick 'em in the oven/microwave for just a few seconds before serving. There was nothing wrong with the taste though, and I don't eat just anyone's chicken kelaguin either. About the salsa, it really doesn't take a lot of effort to make fresh salsa, just a few tomatoes, some bell peppers, lemons, onions, garlic, spices and you can make it tubs. Believe me, it makes a world of difference to fill a little bowl with homemade salsa. All in all, it was a great meal with friendly service. I was even encouraged to borrow a book from the bookshelf! Oh darn, I wish I had taken a picture of the little two foot bouncer, too cute!! Thanks for the ambiance, food and hospitality Porky's. I can't wait to spend more time there, it's the perfect spot to eat and watch the sunset.


marianas life said...

hm, 2 foot bouncer, you must be refering to bruce's son alexander. isn't he a hoot?

the kelaguin is good there. have fun in hawaii. the s.a.v.e club is having ameeting on aug 1st at 6:30 pm at java joes. we'd like to recruit a teacher from garapan who'd be interested in advising a s.a.v.e club chapter at garapan. basically that means, members do one event a year with beautify cnmi and pay $5 to MINA to create a fund for future camps etc. Your NJHS kids could be the s.a.v.e club too actually. s.a.v.e is becoming the youth umbrella of b.c. and we're trying to link all youth led organizations, clubs etc. that are doing environmental work. a coalition of young minds. s car y......

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for your kind words, Boni and I will instruct the staff to take your suggestions to heart as well.

You might be interested to know that the cook staff, chef and helpers came over from the Sunset Bar and Grill and so we serve many of the favorites we all liked over there. The Beef Tinala and the titiyas are lovingly made with family recipes graciously provided us by Mona Attao and seem to be universally liked.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves and hope you can come back often.

The bouncer is Alexander Bateman, 3'8" - 52 pounds - turned 3 years old 3 weeks ago, and is a student at the Brilliant Star School. Don't cross him, behind that smile lurks enough seemingly inexhaustible energy to wear you to a frazzle.

Next time you come, please introduce yourself. I don't bite.

BoReGo said...

Bree: I will be actively recruiting a representative for you and encouraging the school clubs to adopt the challenge.

Bruce: I totally forgot to mention the margaritas! I am a tequila girl, and it usually takes about three to make me happy, but the ONE I had at your place rocked!! Little Alexander is too cute but I think my Sommer who just turned three on June 8 is some serious competition in the zoom contest.

BoReGo said...

I knew it was real Chamorro food!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks again, Boni. We try to make each dish as authentic as possible. It really IS Chamorro food!!

Please come by for Luau night on Fridays, with Parker playing island music favorites or on Ladies night on Wdnesdays with a group called Retro Jam Band, playing oldies and others.

Maybe we coould get Alexander and Sommer, your family and ours together for a day at the beach sometime during the summer. I have a boat, we could go out to Managaha.

Thanks again for your suggestions.