Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey, it's not like I'm lying on the street or anything

Rick is right. Things look pretty bleak and they probably aren't going to get any better until they get much worse, but hey, I'm not "the dead guy" (you had to be there). This little story changed the entire day for me and I owe Rick Jones more than just my undying loyalty to Java Joe's, but also a debt of gratitude for having pulled me out of a slump.

I took a walk through the school halls today and visited the teachers we could keep/hire. They were preparing for an optimistic year and the rooms looked ready for smiles, little fingers and minds and worlds of possibilities. Someone had re-arranged her class to make some more room for circle time, others were painting and yet more teachers were dusting off computers and desks.

Come Friday, GES will open to over 800 students and parents and over 60 staff. We will, with united voice and heart, welcome our students to what we determine will be an educational adventure and home away from home.

Things I am thankful for: Sommer's handpicked flowers and Peyton's crayon art. Rick's words of wisdom and Bruce's awesome margaritas. Jeff's listening ear and the turtle who sticks his neck out when the race seems too tough to win. Friends in low places, you know who you are and the love of my family.

Things I am hopeful will teach me to persevere: the budget crisis and teacher shortage. The gas prices and CUC rates. Too much to do and too little time. Time at all when others can only dream of another day.

Things I can do without: negative thoughts and anger that is fruitless. Restless sleep and worry.

Things you should ponder: when you are at the end, those you love should be able to say they had the best of you, not what was left of you.

Peace out.


Marianas Eye said...

Hi Boni,

Good luck on the start of a new school year.

I've tagged you. Check my entry from today.


Rick Jones said...


Glad it helped, it was my pleasure.

By the way, you have my vote. Anyone who pledges their undying loyalty to Java Joe's has my vote for anything. Sorry guys, you should have thought of it first

BoReGo said...

I meant it. I will never likely forget that story. I thought about it even today as I dug myself into a sorry grave at the meeting. Sometimes I just won't shut up, sometimes I just don't want to.

marianas life said...

holy crap 800 elementary students! wtf!!!???? how does that happen and other schools have 12 students in a class? my classes are 28-30 students this year. i see from hope's blog you'll be teaching. is that a career move or a principals must cover for unfilled fte's