Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Psych! Joke's on me folks

Okay. Remember my celebratory post on becoming Highly Qualified? I wrote it all wrong. I am actually Highly Naive to think that I would be treated as anything other than employee 2208. Regardless of the fact that I hold a Master's in Counseling, a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, have passed both required Praxis exams and have "completed" the classes required for an Administrator's Certification, I will unfortunately not be applying for professional certification. Did I mention I am one class and a thesis away from a second master's in administration? I digress. I will be revoking my application for certification. Why you ask? Why? Because more than anything in this world, more than stepping in gooey, ooey, poo, I am repulsed by bureaucracy and it has become totally apparent that I am facing the big daddy of red tape monsters.

My administrator's code of ethics prevents me from ranting like a lunatic any further, so suffice it to say that I am not a happy camper and will not be getting in the sandbox to play.

The question for the ages: what did I do to get on this sh!+ list? Someone suggested I find counsel, and they weren't referring to therapy.


Anonymous said...

Lawyers are not the solution to the world's ills.

There are a lot of imaginary lists out there. I would not alter your behavior based on what someone says about your appearance on such a list.

If you revoke your application for certification, doesn't that accomplish the list-maker's (or pseudo list makers) goals?

BoReGo said...

As long as the students are given the best instruction within my power and the parents know that I am fully committed, I don't care about someone else labeling me "highly anything". I've never been one to care for accolades anyway. I lost my focus for a while thinking that becoming highly qualified meant being appreciated. I appreciate my effort and know that even without a label I am focused on the work before me: to provide for the needs of all students that walk through the campus gate.

Saipan Writer said...

Good luck, with whatever is really going on behind this rant, and with your choice.

Sometimes, though, stepping ing gooey, ooey, poo is just a temporary problem that cleans up quickly. And once you know where it is, you can avoid it in the future, and more importantly, clean it up to help others from the same stinky mess.


BoReGo said...

It is temporary and not life threatening so I will let it rest. I could never really have gotten this calm without blogger pals to and other friends to talk to. I'm glad my life has taken a change and doesn't completely revolve around my work anymore. I've seen way too many people die on their desks from over-exhaustion and stress. On to greener pastures!