Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boni's Wonder of the World Entry

For Bruce's Wonders of the World. This is my contribution. It is fetal surgery. I can't even bring myself to describe the beauty of this picture.


glend558 said...

Hi Boni: Ugh! Looks like something from an alien horror movie...
Good show on the Monday night news.
Check my take on the PSS and your situation..Check my teaching prowess, and the daily lesson forum..
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BoReGo said...

Glen!? Life is not pretty. This is what we all looked like before they cleaned us up and made us "presentable" for this dang world. A hand, from a child unable to speak for itself, reaches out to grasp his/her surgeon's hand, who probably before it even happened, viewed this procedure as just another day in the office. The gesture is not purposeful, it is innate, the desire to touch a fellow human, to be touched, to connect. It is pretty freakin' unbelievable! And beautiful.

I will check it out. Can you believe these hifaluten people?