Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where's all the rum for the tiramisu!

They say it's not wise to do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach. The same concept applies to planning your menu too close to the pantry.
Sniper Alert!
The most effective way to convince her to brush her teeth is to tell her there are cavity creeps hiding in her mouth. Therefore, each time Sommer picks up a toothbrush, it is a reconnaissance mission.
No, I didn't forget about de-lurking. No, no one has sent me a banner. Yes, I did make one. Yes, I am stupid, if not persistent. We are de-lurking CNMI (and CNMIers). Come January 14 - 18, please leave a comment on blogs you visit. In Chamorro terms, "don't lurk at me brat!".
What you do: post this banner on your blog and remind everyone to leave a comment before exiting. Have fun de-lurking!

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