Sunday, January 6, 2008

Don't ever forget

There is another end of waiting to this war.
See The Thunder Run for more on fallen soldier/blogger.


Marianas Pride said...

Hi Boni,

Did Tony leave? Man, I'm so sorry I've been so crazy busy. Please let me know if and when you want us to do some family snap shots. And tell my brother Tony he is in our hearts and our prayers, always...

Take care!

Saipan Writer said...

I saw a similar story on the day after Major Olmsted died, found through links on your "wife" blog. The bit about his final post, to be published in the event of his death, had me sobbing at the keyboard, and I decided I just had to stop reading these types of things for my own sanity.

Blogging makes you feel like people you don't know are your friends, and in a way, they are. I really think blogging helps show our humanity a lot--the good, the bad, and most of all the very humanly side of us. And a man blogging from the front in Iraq--wow, that brings humanity alive in a very amazing way. He did a lot of good.

As for ends of war--I know he quotes the bit that a soldier dying in combat is the only one who knows an end to war (Santayana, not Plato)--but I think we can hope for small ends to war, temporary ends, the bits between conflagrations. Those moments of peace COUNT!

And I'm hoping and praying for that "end", in this Iraq war, and all of the war happening around the globe, in 2008.

We should start talking about the 7 years peace, the hundred years peace, the peace of the roses, and what ever other peace we can conceive. Because that's the part that should matter most (not the periods of war).


David M said...

Thank you for the link...