Sunday, January 13, 2008

Because sometimes sunsets, mutants and margaritas do go together

Last night was a perfect date night. Perfect if you have four kids and a crazy hectic life. Our date night consisted of:
1. A beautiful sunset dinner at 360. Rick, as always, was a gracious host, but I kinda felt bad for him, it didn't look like he had a break all night. Tami and her family were there too. Like always, I am totally not a social butterfly and all I could manage was a smile and a barely audible, but truly genuine hi. My Mendoza cousins showed up full force for Eileen's birthday (Happy B-Day). It's nice to see everyone gathered like that.

The food was great and the sunset was very pretty. The best part of it was that we got the best seat in the house :) 5:30 is the perfect time to be there, right before the sun goes down in the sky. Get a seat in the back and watch as the day disappears and gives way to the island evening. The service is good, and if you wait long enough, you never have to walk far to get to any place in the restaurant.

We even got a free round from Brady who needs to wake his blog up. Did I mention that I love the margaritas at 360? Now I have:) We had shrimp in butter sauce and spicy tuna for appetizers. Tony had the lamb chops, and I ordered a rib-eye. It was more than enough for both of us, in fact we were happily satisfied.

2. So, after a great dinner Tony convinces me to watch I Am Legend with him, "come on, it'll be fun - we'll be scared together" he says. I give in and spend 1/3 of the movie with my fingers plugging my ears and my eyes closed. It was all worth it to be able to bury my face in my hubby's shoulders and have his arms around me.

3. Porky's for a movie de-briefing and then Tony got lost in the UFC fight on TV while I perused blogs on Bruce's laptop (sorry, my blog froze it up).

4. Last but not least, we made a stop at 99 Cent Supermarket for some Pull-Ups for Sommer. To tell the truth, we had both been thinking of little Sommy, who when we left that evening was standing at the kitchen window looking out. As we drove away she said, "I love you mommy, I love you daddy, hurry up and come back home".

Today is a good morning, the kids have had their pancakes, me my coffee and Tony is out for a morning run. It almost feels like a normal day. You know what? Army stuff aside, it is. Yeah, sometimes, sunsets, mutants, margaritas and Pull-Ups go perfectly together.


bigsoxfan said...

Date nights, I remember those. Funny, the fewer you have, the more special they become. Sorry about the de-lurking campaign, I blame it on utube.Oh lord, here he comes again. Be tough.

If you still want to send some old toys to the pumpkin, I have a solution. Either send us and email or ask Bruce B about Erdene's sister, who's coming back to UB in March. I've an idea which may work.

saipanboonieman said...


i have old children's toys im trying to get rid of! if youre intersted? i need to get rid of them ASAP.

Tamara said...

Hey Boni,

I would have come over and talked somemore, but I didn't want to disturb your romantic dinner. You two looked lost in each other..Ahh, how romantic! he he

Glad you got the last lei this morning!

Next time I see you in a more casual setting and with more time, I will blabber away!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Okay, I'm joining the de lurker movement.

Not to worry about the laptop. That one is steam powered so I just reboot with a big shovelfull of coal and off she goes again.

Glad you two had a good time. I haven't tried 360 at sunset yet, but will do so on your recommendation. Olive needs a break. I need a date, with my wife.

Boni said...

Olive would like it. Make that reservation Bruce.

bigsoxfan said...

Pumpkin's staying home with uncle Amara on Sunday. It will be the second anniversary of our meeting. Flowers, spa, and dinner. Thanks for the reminder. May your years be full of the odd special evening.

dekada lawyer said...

Boni, I have three suspects as possible causes of your blog freeze:

1. The Blogger Chicks widget,

2. The Flickr widget, or

3. Some other code that somehow got on your page but does not appear visually.

I would like to suggest you temporarily remove the two widgets to see if it helps. Once you correctly identify the problem, you can work on a solution.

Remember, the problem does not occur when loading your blog with Firefox. Obviously, Firefox does not get fixated on whatever it is that requires so much processing -- just loads it in the background and gives the user interaction with the page right away. That should give us a clue ... but I don't have a clue what it is. ;-)

wendy said...

I didn't realize you had another blog!

Fun date night! I love that you ended up at the store buying pullups - sounds like us...

Deece said...

How wonderful! Date nights are few and far between here. Although amazingly James and I ate out last Friday night - just the two of us.