Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The best of you, not what's left of you

Sometimes you worry about not having enough money. Sometimes you worry about not having enough time. I'd prefer to look back on my life and regret not having enough money, if that's even regrettable. I'd been working a lot lately and spending little time doing truly dedicated things with my kids. Wayne and I have always tried to do things that involve participation from the kids, but lately I started to feel like I needed something more than just the ordinary pizza night. I was afraid at first to bring up the subject, but I really wanted to do something special. After almost two years with Wayne I still have to work on hang ups that linger. I remembered how hard I fought to go on a family trip to Australia years before; how it seemed like I had to practically defend the need to make memories. This time was much easier, though and I am ever so grateful for the family values we share. One day I will get used to this being a team thing. For now I am just appreciating the fact that time is not something I will regret spending with our children because our time is spent making sure they remember how much we love them.

It was only Guam, but on Christmas morning we surprised the kids by telling them they had to pack for an early morning flight the next day. They looked at us with astonishment at first, then the excitement kicked in. It was funtastic! It was all about the kids! I'd never done anything on Guam before other than work or shop. I actually have never spent any time out of stores. I was always shopping, finding things for the kids or just trying to pick up stuff for home. This time I did very little shopping and lots of laughing. The family time we spent made up a million-fold for any shopping spree. I'll always remember how we sat in the parking lot at KMart unable to get out of the car until our laughter subsided from sharing the day's adventures. Wayne, me and the kids red in the face, tears streaming down our cheeks; stomachs hurting from laughing out loud! I'm so blessed. So truly thankful for the time with the kids. I'd literally never heard my son laugh and talk so much in years. We met family on both my mom's sides, my dad's side, Wayne's side and friends. The smiles on the kid's faces made it all worth it. It seemed like everyone was able to forget some of the struggle at home that inevitably comes from adjusting to a new life, a blended family and those irritating, heart wrenching, stressful weekend switches. This is our life and we need to make it the best one we can. Hope you enjoy some of our little vacation pics.

Waiting to leave early in the morning

We've arrived!

Sommer's grape adventure at Denny's

Hope's cake batter with gummy bear ice cream at Coldstone

Visiting with Auntie Vicky and Trish

Wayne and I

All of us on the bumper cars!

Underwater World

Visiting with John in Talafofo


The girls had partners on Guam!

Sommer and Auntie Annie's mini dobie Metgot

At the end of your life, the people who mean the most to you should have the best of you, not what's left of you...


kirida said...

That's wonderful, Boni. It sounds like they had an amazing vacation and are very lucky to have you and Wayne as loving parents.

Deece said...

Beautiful. I love this Bon. I keep praying and wishing and praying that James and I would have the opportunity to this sort of surprise vacation with our kids. But most of all, whether it's a vacation or a staycation, I just want to spend more time with my family.

Road-Block Blogger said...

No doubt the time we spent with the kids is time well spent. I am glad we did this.