Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's been a fuller year than what I've been able or willing to blog. This year, I got started rather cautiously because both my new life and new limitations were in the forefront. I think FB became safer because I felt better able to protect my privacy. You find when going through readjustment in your life, that people who never used to care about you are suddenly fascinated by your every move. On Saipan, the coconut wireless moves faster and considerably less accurate than CNN. I love to blog. I will always blog. I find my voice in my blog, reflections of life that appear clearer when written down, or in this case, posted.

While going through the year's posts I realize that I haven't really shared much, the posts are few and ambiguous. So, I resolve to kick my butt in gear and start writing the way I used to - unabashed. Well, maybe I'm a little bit wiser now, so I'll also be writing more conscientiously, but conscientiously unabashed. Oooh, I love compromise. So, here's my YIR (year in review). It's the third one I've done so far and yet my life has taken so many turns since I started blogging. Click on the month or italicized words to take you to the original posts.

January : Emmet Cullen R. Pangelinan joins the pack. Wayne has an affinity for dogs and Emmet is our 4th. He is now a daddy, a year after he came to us. He's getting much bigger now, as Doberman Rotts will get, but he's still acting like a pup.
February : Wayne got a crazy idea to run out in the jungle and cut down some bamboo to make candles for Valentines Day. I get home to see him and Tonton chopping away and Emma and the girls digging out wax from the old power outage candle jars. What a way to reduce, reuse, recycle and romance!
March : Deece made these absolutely wonderful Coconut Ylang Ylang soaps for our wedding bon voyage party. People still talk about them. Shhh...I still have some :)
April : We hosted the family Easter Egg Hunt at our place and it was nice to see most of the family again. I love it when everyone makes time to get together.
May : Hope graduates from Jr. High School. I remember her first day and how much it affected me. She and I have changed so much, we're still learning to get used to one another's new found sense of independence and freedom. Okay, I lied. I'm still getting used to Hope being not yet a woman, not quite a girl.
June : I decide to start blogging again. I mean really trying without editing my intent or watering down my posts.
August : Farewell Dr. Rita H. Inos, our beloved former Commissioner of Education and a truly irreplaceable person.
September : I change my mind about Gardasil after being so adamant about it.
November : Schools on lock down and the island is in shock.
December : Forgiveness, rebirth and an unexpected trip that reminds me there's not just a New Year coming up; there are 363 new days on their way!


mona said...

Ahh, Boni. I've missed your writing. I hope you find a comfortable place in 2010 to share more of your life!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Deece said...

Nice Bon. I look forward to your conscientiously unabashed posts. :)

bigsoxfan said...

I'm with Deece, but I have my own block. Hope to overcome same with the arrival of family this summer, until then I'll do like a Ford (the best I can). Happy to see you over the hump, though and happy to see you and the gang blogging again.

Anonymous said...

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