Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sommer, Shanking and Salmon

When Wayne and I got home today we discovered a little artwork on the corner of our house. I thought the artist deserved some credit for her work.
Leng Bai, tattoo artist extraordinaire, pop and Wayne out for a day of golf. I lovingly entitle this picture Team Shank, but in true golfer philosophy there is no bad day on the course.
Dad getting ready to show em how it's done.

Leng measuring the putt.

That's my honey.

A really good friend gave us some Salmon from Alaska so we all decided that we were going to make some fish tacos. In our house we try to keep the kids engaged because even the simplest of things can turn into the most wonderful memories. The kids love to experiment with new recipes so the best part of any meal usually turns out to be the making of it.

Sommer is mixing up the sauce for our salmon tacos. Mayo, avocados, honey, salt and pepper to taste and lemon juice.
She's an expert at making sure no seeds get in the mix. You getting this Food Network?

Peyton starts the batter for the salmon pieces. Flour, water (beer works too for adults), an egg, baking powder, salt, pepper, garlic, dijon mustard to taste and just a bit of paprika.

Mmmm... so good!

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