Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decking The Halls : Christmas 2009

Iced gingerbread filled the house with the scent of Christmas

My husband Wayne, still in good spirits after he had to do major repairs to our tree stand. I am grateful because I didn't think leaning Christmas Trees were that avante garde.

Tony searching for some good Christmas music. Apparently my Elvis Christmas CD wasn't doing it. Oh but wait, I think I have some Clay Aiken too!

Sisters Peyton and Hope, they waited so patiently for the decorating to begin.

We didn't bother trying to keep to a color scheme this year. I think it turned out wonderful.

Sometimes when you least expect it you get a hug and a kiss. I love my Hopey.

The best part about getting all decked out is how much fun we have. Wayne and his girls pose proudly after getting all the decorations up so our home looks festive.

Peyton strategically places her ornaments on our tree. She always amazes me with her focus and her beauty.


We've got kids at every height, so our ornaments are evenly distributed.

Tony thought our Christmas Village needed some rezoning. He did a great job!

Still smiles after having to pick up all the tiny pieces of styrofoam Sommer scattered on the floor.

Sommer unpacking our nativity set.

Hope determined to decorate the back of the tree just in case Santa checks.

Christmas village complete with snow.

The true meaning of Christmas.

I love that smile!

Do you think Santa will like our tree mom?

Peyton reaching for the perfect branch.

I love Christmas! All the kids helped out. We've got so much more to do: cookies for Santa, our gingerbread house and events we've scheduled. I can't wait for Christmas Eve!


Deece said...

How sweet Bon! I didn't really let the kids help me with the tree this year. I was overwhelmed with joy that I finally could decorate a tree the way I wanted. Katelyn assisted, but still, not much. I need to remember that the reason I felt that way is because I could never decorate our tree when I was a kid. Next year, either it's a family affair, or the kids can have their own little tree.

T said...

What fabulous pics Bon! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas!

The Beachcomber said...

Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year!