Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gratitude for breakfast

There are things in my life I've neglected to appreciate lately. If I had a gratitude journal, it would need refills of paper for this past half year. Sure, lots of crummy things happened, but you sort of need the crummy stuff to remind you that you aren't invincible; to force you to look at things through different eyes. I could probably fill my journal with hundreds of "I never imagined...I never dreamed...". That's another post, for another day. This morning I am on leave, it rained and the entire house smells new. My girls are still asleep, breakfast waits for them on the table and I'm sitting here taking the time to be thankful.
Tami sent these goodies over! My grocery list is in my plan book and the chocolate helped keep antsy girls occupied while Wayne and I enjoyed a late dinner the other night. I think I'll brew some tea. Thanks Tami:)

My mom's okay. She had what we all thought was a minor heart attack a few weeks back. She calls me her "Instant Coffee Daughter" because I came ready to mix when she married dad. I was only six years old. She thinks the Lord was reminding her that He could call her home anytime, healthy or not. I think it's partly true. We must cherish every moment we have and be ready. Peter, Yvette and I flew to Manila to be with her for a bit. Our nights sitting on the balcony talking about growing up, growing old and growing stronger will always be etched in my memory. I only hope our own children will love each other as deeply.

My life is much different than it was only six months ago. It would have been almost impossible then to convince me I'd smile again. Right now, it would be hard to get me to stop. Sitting on life's balcony isn't always comfortable. Kind of like the tiny balcony in Manila. I suppose those times when there isn't much room to move and the view starts to get a little blurred is when the good Lord pours a different kind of blessing on you. I'm grateful for cramped corners, especially when their filled with the love of family and the promise of clearer skies ahead.


Tamara said...

I swear you two make just the cutest couple ever!! Honestly!

Boni said...

Thank you Tami. It's a dream come true.

Marianas Pride said...


I swear, are you getting younger? Or is it...

Oil of Olay! (If it were facial cream from Palau, would it be called Oil of Ole?) ;)

Yes, you do make an adorable couple. Ai si niao. He is so in nuff!

Take care and I am glad your Mom is doing better. We will remember to pray for her health!

Take care Bon and hope to see you two lovebirds soon!