Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better your mom than some fat hairy guy in a tutu

Peyton, did the tooth fairy show up last night?
I got some coins next to me when I woke up, but he didn't take my tooth under the pillow.
Maybe he got confused and wasn't sure if it was really you.
Mom...I think you're the tooth fairy.

Wild pineapples grow in Papago
This one wasn't too sweet, but it gets points for fragrance and style

P.S. See what can be done with old candle holders from CUC power outages? A beautiful vase for our lovely flowers care of load shedding. Who says having no power is all bad????

This pissed me off today. It's a comment on Ed's blog. I've known less than a handful of people who are so blatant about their discrimination of locals and it always surprises me to run into more racists.

"Locals need to stop their seditentary lifestyle and get active. Shooting darts and drinking beer while smoking cigarette and chewing pugua is not exercise"


Forgotten said...

My reactions to this post went from: "Awww. That's so adorable!" to "Huh. That's pretty creative." to "Man. What a jerk. Reminds me of this guy I know..."
Always love reading your posts. Reminds me of Forrest Gump's take on life and chocolates - "Ya never know whatchya gunna git!"

KAP said...

Just replace the word "locals" with any group you want to diss.

Poor choices are a universal problem; so are racists.

Boni said...

I'd rather not single out an ethnic group at all. If anything, I'm guilty of making many poor health and lifestyle decisions. We can't change the world until we start with ourselves right? Elle: me and Gump huh? That's why I call it hastily written and random. Lol.

saipanboonieman said...

send me some pineapples!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Boni said...

Cliffy Poo! Send me some Starbucks and you got a deal. Mind if I send preserves? I don't think my pineapples will make it through Customs.