Friday, July 25, 2008

Lunch in the office and other off the clock thoughts

Spicy Tuna sushi and avocado salad care of Himawari.
Perfectly portioned and nutritionally sound. If you ignore the bacon bits, slices of good fat avocado and packet of soy sauce. Yes, my body is a temple.
To wash it all down? Crystal Geyser natural Alpine spring water. Has anyone ever seen unnatural spring water? I know what you were thinking. I'd eat all that and then have a diet pepsi. Phooey on you.

For dessert, Haagen-Dazs coffee almond crunch ice cream bar. This constitutes my daily serving of dairy. That's my story and I' m sticking to it.

What did you have for lunch today?

Two Days on Guam
Uncle John's funeral was beautiful, a 15 gun salute from the Army and a gorgeous helium rosary that was released into the sky concluded his burial at the Piti Veteran's Cemetary. The funeral procession ran from Mangilao to Talafofo and then down to Piti. We will all miss him very much. John Aguon Jr.(John Boy), his eldest son gave a beautiful eulogy. He spoke of the day they had to admit him into the ER. Uncle John had promised the little kids to take them to P.I.C. He was so concerned about keeping his promise that John Boy left his dad's side at the hospital and took the kids swimming just to ease his mind. I could never remember my uncle John without auntie Annie by his side. I saw them last in December, all their kids had grown and they reminisced about their years of marriage. When they looked into each others' eyes it made me blush. So in love.

Dinner with Tony Jr. at Ruby Tuesday's was wonderful. He talked non stop about his band adventures. Learning how to deal with many types of people and personalities, and what he wanted to do for the future. I realize that he was just fine without me, even though a part of me wanted him to need his mommy for a bit longer. When we dropped him off at band practice Wayne said that I'd done good, that I was lucky to have such a great son. He's right. TonTon is the best son I could ever wish for. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments/dreams. On a side note: it was nice to see how much support the Guam delegation was getting from it's government. They marched in the Liberation Day parade and were getting discounts at stores, funding support from their legislature, etc. It is the Olympics folks, they are ambassadors. What happened to us? We have five kids going to China and no one blinked an eye. Shame, shame.

Brian's rosary was at St. Anthony's Church in Tamuning. I counted our fallen soldiers at the airport before we left. 27. Take a look at the Insular Affairs website and this one. I think that puts us at the second highest per capita rate for casualties. Friday, July 25, 2008 we welcome another brave soldier home to Guam to be honored for the ultimate sacrifice.

A visit with Chris and Val! Yay! Chris and Val took us to Chamorro Village to walk around and then we had dinner at the Jamaican Grill. If you ever get a chance to go there, the ribs are great and I particularly loved the fish with curry dip. We spent a couple of hours together before heading back to the airport to catch our flight. Chris and Val will be here in August. Come to the AMP and listen to beautiful sounds of Island Kai!

So, we're on Guam and I have to go buy some maternity items for a very sexy prego sister-girlfriend of mine. I walk in and inquire very politely about the whereabouts of the prenatal undergarments, and someone walks in behind me and asks if they have edible maternity thongs. That made the saleslady think I was either prego or kinky. She was wrong about one of those. Here's a little ditty I learned at Motherhood: maternity wear isn't just for pregnant people anymore. Gotta give it to their marketing team for being gutsy enough to penetrate the non-pregnant demographic. Makes me think about the avocado waiter at Ruby Tuesday's. That's ok, because after that little prank I made someone walk around the mall carrying the Motherhood Maternity shopping bag.


Marianas Pride said...

Come on Boni. It's okay. You can tell us the truth...

Were those maternity clothes really for you? ;)

Just teasin. Sorry I couldn't join you guys at Naked Fish. Kiki is better now, but now Devin has the stomach flu!

My stomach is purified thanks to the good people at Anheuser-Busch.

Biba Budweiser!

Boni said...

Ah, the joys of parenthood. Take care of the babies Ed, NF can always wait. No, there are no maternity clothing in my future.