Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Luck Manta Band, We ARE Proud of You!

Four out of the five Manta Band students left to Guam for the '08 Beijing Olympics on Monday. There was no fan fare, no media, no big production. Too bad. I would have thought we'd give these kids a nice send off, after all they are headed to a once in a lifetime opportunity; one they've earned through tireless practice, dedication and talent. It's a good thing for us that they have enough intrinsic motivation not to notice they seem to come second fiddle, pardon the pun. I sound like I'm complaining, but I am. I wonder how different a send off kids would get if they were say, part of an athletic competition. It isn't just musicians who get left out, I've noticed that our drama students also don't get the recognition we should offer them. Our tiny islands are filled with remarkable talent. We have so many talented athletes, thespians and artists of all genres. The future is not far and it belongs to them. Let's not forget that.
We took Tony to dinner before heading to the airport. He'll be staying with a family on Guam for the entire summer honing his skills for the Olympics. We figured we'd fill his tummy and his heart before putting him on a plane. Last night we all realized how much we already miss him. He's such a wonderful kid, loving son and great big brother. I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother. The boy is gold.
The family came to the airport to say "good luck" to Tony, but it was hardest on Kimi, his girl. Two great teenagers, we are so lucky. It wasn't hard to give up the last hug to his girlfriend. Well, it was a little new, a little scary, but not at all hard.
Peace from Papago!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Sorry we missed the send off, Boni. We didn't know they were leaving so soon.

Wish them good luck for us.

Bruce, Olive and Alexander

Road-Block Blogger said...

The young man is growing. He will be independant soon and all we can do is support his movement and encourage him to make the best choices in life.


Saipan Writer said...

There was no fanfare or send-off for the kids going to NFL in the states. Same for kids going to the ITS Festival (thespians). Same for the kids going to the NJFL competitions.

If you want press coverage, you have to become a publicist. I took a photo of the thespian students and sent it in to the papers, with a short article, which both papers published.

When the students get back (or really, the adult chaperones), I'll try to do something to report on their successes. One student, Kyoung Min Park, got 2nd place in costume design. This is a huge deal--competing against students from all over the U.S. who have gone through rigorous competitions at the state level to get to Festival. Another student, Miki Nadia Dela Cruz, placed in the top 10 in solo musical.

We have to give the fanfare because, you're right. These students do deserve special commendation.