Monday, November 12, 2007

I love lello

I defied my better judgment and what little I know about speech development, mainly that children will mispronounce common letters and that until the age of four, this is perfectly normal. I never corrected my other childrens' speech because I wholeheartedly believed they would correct themselves sooner or later. Plus, they were so cute.

Peyton at three: Somebody, roll down the window, there's too much ay-yo!
Me: Too much what Peyton?
Pey: Ay-yo! Its hitting my face.
Me: Ay...yo? What's hitting your face, ay-yo!
Pey: AY-YO! The ay-yo is in my face, are you deaf?!

Sommer today: I climbed up all by myself mommy, I used the lello stool.
Me: Yes I see. That is a nice ye-llow stool.
Sommer: I'm a big girl.
Me: Sommy, say yell
Sommer: yell
Me: Say scream, shout, yell
Sommer: Scream, shout, yell
Me: Yellow
Sommer: Lello
Me: Don't yell!
Sommer: Don't yell!
Me: That's yellow!
Sommer: That's lello!
Me: Scream, shout..
Sommer: Scream, shout..
Me: Yellow!
Sommer: Lello!

Oh, what the heck. Its a nice lello stool we have in our bathroom:)


bigsoxfan said...

Duck's back, water off. I'm sure she is cute as the dickens when she says lello.

I'm becoming interested in the lads speech development. He hears mostly English at home, but a fair amount of Mongolian and Russian. Most of Mongolian is unprouncable, but the word for "the best, number one, I'm first" is pronounced much like the "N" word which got the Dog bounced from the tube. First things first though, I had to do calculations for our climate and the pmpkns vitimin needs. Seems there isn't enough sunlight here, not a problem you are ever likely to have. Stay tuned..

saipanboonieman said...

aaawwww..... thats so tute!!!

get her to sing coldplay's "lello"

Bruce A. Bateman said...

With Alexander all the L's are pronounced W. Yet, a resonable facimile of the sylable La can be dragged from him. I think maybe they just like the sound of their own language better than ours, Boni. "To hell with convention....give me individualism.", they say. (:-))