Sunday, February 4, 2007

What to do when your baby hurls

I was in the middle (literally) of reading NIGHT by Elie Weisel. My oldest daughter was at a BeautifyCNMI! clean up, my teenage son was napping with his earphones on and the TV blaring, and my 6 year old was playing with her Bratz dolls (ugly things). Sommer, my two year old sweetly climbed into my arms, so I held her and placed my book over her so I could keep reading and kiss her at the same time. She still smelled like a baby, sweet and innocent and a little like the sunshine, if sunshine has a smell. Life was pretty good...until she hurled all over the recliner, her arms and my shirt.

Fifteen years ago, I would have screamed and gagged - well, I probably would have thrown up too. Now, I shrug my shoulders with the "no big deal" attitude only a mom of four can have and dutifully begin the clean up process. First, throw book on floor, being careful not to let stomach contents land on any pages. Then, look around to see if any bitty pieces are on floor. Second, carry vomit laden child on vomit free side and walk to the bathroom balancing vomit filled side and hand so as not to dirty the carpet. Third, place baby in tub and wipe her down so that chunks and slime are not visible. You must do this before baby starts to cry. See, at this point she is just repeating in disbelief, "I vomit mommy, I vomit". Fourth, and this is like the oxygen dropping in the airplane, clean self off before assisting baby. Fifth, start the tub running for baby and throw all soiled fabrics in wash. Sixth, scrub and spray recliner down admiring the new memory baby has etched into the fabric of the chair and your heart. Finally, hug and kiss clean baby, checking for fever or any signs of future hurling. When all seems fine, return to life as usual. Fifteen minutes later, I am at my computer logging this latest mommy adventure while Sommie sleeps peacefully on my bed. Mommy and Sommie are hurl free and life is good on the island of Saipan.

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Anonymous said...

The pain you endure there is the pain I have here, for both you and my girl Sommy and also for my youngest son. He had just survived the hurl of high fevers for the past 6 days and now he's in on the coughs. Please give my girl a great huge kiss and hug and tell her that I love her. I miss you all and I'm HERE when you need me. I LOVE YOU!!