Thursday, February 15, 2007

What I want for my birthday

The Mommy List
1. Those expensive ($7.00) pink razors that have aloe strips
2. A gift certificate to Java Joe's for those "worked all day and not gonna sleep much" study nights
3. A nice bottle of Billy Goat merlot
4. Re-gifted trinkets with gluey fingerprints all over handmade wrappers, complete with peanut buttery kisses
5. A shopping spree at the Bestseller Bookstore and twenty minutes a night to do some silent reading
6. No more war memorials in Washington D.C.
7. A guest appearance on "Deal or No Deal" - "$1,000.00?" - "DEAL!!!" - "I'm no fool, Banker!"
8. 10 more minutes to sleep in on weekends mornings

The What I'd Want If I Didn't Have So Many Bills and So Little Money Left For Myself List
1. A new cell phone like the one James Bond's girlfriend had in Casino Royale (evil text messages not included)
2. That new brown Coach Legacy Leather Satchel (drooooool)
3. A romantic night with my husband at a fancy hotel, complete w/room service dinner, massages and baby-less comforter
4. That new brown Coach Legacy Leather Satchel (sooooooo pretty)
5. The military troop withdrawal from war-torn Iraq
6. An all expense paid trip to Rome to stroll down the Via Dolorosa
7. A bottle of Mondavi private selection red
8. 10 more minutes to sleep in on weekend mornings too

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