Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Driving Me Babies

6:25 am: Papago - Koblerville - Garapan
Drop son off at Saipan Southern and go to work

10:15 am: Garapan - Papago - Garapan
Pick daughter up for Kindergarten and go to work

4:15 pm: Garapan - Chalan Piao - Papago
Leave work and pick son up at Chalan Piao, then go home

This is my normal routine, uninterrrupted, minus the errands. What I like to call the "heavenly days" when I can just get from one place to another. They are few and far between and if I were to really track my comings and goings, it would look more like neural pathways than a road map. Thank God for Smiles One Pass Rewards, I get more mileage on land than I do in the air.

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