Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Know What I'm Gonna Look Like When I Grow Up Mommy

"Miss your bubby?" I asked the girls on the way to school today.  It had been a quiet ride and I wanted to break the silence.  In fact, the house was a bit quieter since Tonton left.  The two short weeks he spent at home prompted the sound of sisters giggling as they once again shared a room and laughter as kids jammed Rock Band each afternoon their brother picked them up from  school .

"Yeah" Sommer answered, "I miss him a lot."
"It's hard to imagine growing up and one day not living with each other, isn't it?"
"I'm going to visit Tony, Hope and Sommer all the time when I leave home" Peyton said.  "Ahem, what about us?" I joked, pretending to be crushed.  "I'll visit you every day" Sommer squealed.

What will it be like?  Will they come every weekend to play Scrabble and accuse us of cheating when we beat them? Will I bust out the good wine and ask them to help me learn how to use the latest technology because "I don't know why they have to make it so complicated nowadays!"  Will they sit at the table smiling at us bouncing babies on our knees cooing, "dance, dance, dance"?  Will they give us instructions on how to care for our grandkids, warning "whatever you do, DO NOT give them sugar!"

 Kids get older, but some things never change
  • Spontaneous hugs and kisses from sweet girls who want a hug back and even from 18 year old boys who just want you to know they love you "one more time"
  • Presents made by little hands that knock on your bedroom door too early in the morning, excited to see the excitement in your eyes.
  • The sound of anything followed by the word mommy. 
  • Hearing the words "I love you" before or after any other words are uttered, and sometimes when you least expect it.
I remember playing the "I love you" game with my dad growing up.  Me: I love you.  Dad: I love you more.  Me: I love you more because you only loved me for part of your life and I've loved you from the day I was born.  Dad: I love you more because you've only loved me for part of my life and I've loved you all of yours.  Now, we all do this with our children and with one another.  Text to my sister Bet: K, see you soon.  Love you.  Text from Bet: k, love you more.  

 Mother's Day 2011 with half of our children.  It was the beginning of a perfect day on a perfect weekend.  Or, as Hope put it, "some of the best weekends we've ever had."

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