Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Dance Ain't for Everyone

"Have you ever gone down a road, far down and wondered, maybe it wasn't what you want?" That came straight out of poor confused Dex's mouth in Something Borrowed.  "Um, you mean like marrying the best friend of the woman you really love, even though you don't love her, yet continuing to string the other woman along because you don't know who you want more?"  
And Darcy and Rachel. Tsk, tsk.  Don't know which of you I'd rather have as a BFF.  Center of attention Darcy who takes what she wants regardless of who it hurts, but is so transparent at least you don't have to second guess her or Goody Two Shoes Rachel who can't stand the thought of hurting her girlfriend, but not enough to stop sleeping with her fiance'.  I spent three quarters of this movie feeling sorry for poor Rachel with the flawless skin and luminous victimosity while wanting to scratch Darcy's eyes out for being so crass and selfish.  That's probably because people like Rachel get away with things solely on the basis of having big puppy dog eyes and looking deceivingly torn.  In the end, everybody thought they got what they wanted though.  I would have saved my friendship, but that's just me.  

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