Friday, January 22, 2010

Nesting the blog

Relax, we're just "pregnant". It's a little shocking, but I knew it would happen eventually. I've been romancing the idea of change for a while now and finally, we're sharing the good news! My blog and I are expecting a new name.
"Because I Said So
" isn't exactly a timeless title and I have come to realize that things don't happen just because I say so. On the contrary, sometimes I say things vehemently, meaning for them to happen (and happen now!) and the universe in her wisdom kicks me straight to the curb. Because she says so! Besides, my husband does everything I say and more. Even things I only intend to say are magically taken care of. It takes all the fun out of my proclamation of authority. Sigh. So I need a change. I've fiddled with a few titles so far, but I need your help.

Take a look see:

In Vernacular

Bon D.O.C. (I fix boo-boos, chase away the boogie man and make things all better, see? I am Mom: Department of Corrections)

Bonfires Are Pretty

Is that covered, because I'm broke

Somewhat Bonnish, Mostly Mommish

And then it was bedtime

Sand In My Toes (that's how I like my weekends to end)

Ketchup...I'm always playing

Chop, Chop, Kaching! (the hastily written, random musings of a debatably ordinary mom)

Don't make me count to three!

As you can see, I went a little crazy with the titles. It could be that I'm just brilliant, but it's most likely because I'm exhausted. With a capital HAUSTED! I am willing to take your suggestions too, just in case all these stink and because I'm flexible like that. Yeah, that's how I roll. While you decide, I think I'll work on my new banner and mess with a brand spanking new template design. No telling when this baby is gonna pop. Gestationally speaking, this is called nesting. I'm nesting my blog.


carol said...

Congratulations! Well, this is an entry that has made me come out from lurking. :) I couldn't leave without leaving a congratulatory comment! :) I stumbled upon your blog (a while ago) from a link over at Deece's. I don't think we've ever met but I used to be classmates with Yvette at Mt. Carmel.

I'm digging "don't make me count to three" totally cracked me up! hahaa

The Saipan Blogger said...


Saipan Writer said...

My fave--Don't Make Me Count to Three! Been there, totally relate!

And yeah, this post was something of a shock... haha!