Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 MVPs

It's the year in review for this blog and it's second year in existence. Here are the MVP's or most valuable posts in my eyes. I thought it would be harder to reflect on this past year for many reasons you my fellow blogger and lurker may know, but surprisingly, it wasn't hard at all. I've been blessed beyond measure; I just had to find the right measuring cup to see it! Hope you enjoy my look back. You can click on the bold phrases to access the referenced posts or entire month.
January: The very first Great CNMI De-Lurk happened the week of the 14-18th. This year, we'll go for January 11-17.
February: Not a good month for me, I wrote just one post. I'd read Joan Didion's
"Year of Magical Thinking" which was a great book full of harsh truth and raw grief. I didn't know how much it would mean to me in the coming months. Death comes in many forms. Grief engulfs the spirit, and as the Bible say, hope deferred makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12), but there's life if there's any faith and I was learning to hold on to that mustard seed.

March: The case of the shiny bong gave me a scare, but only for a moment.
April: Life starts to feel pretty normal again. Family surrounds me, a family I've missed for many years, reminding me and the kids that they've always been there, just waiting for us to ask.
May: I did nothing at all and it was wonderful! We spent the day at Marianas Resort and spent the evening with dad and Glenna. Thanks Wayne for such a relaxing Mother's Day.
June: Sommer turns 4, Ton goes to China with the Manta Band and Pacific Winds Orchestra to open the 2008 Olympics!
July: We lose much loved family members to death and war, my mom gets sick, Hope turns 13 and Thursday TWIS starts. Power outages ravage the island, and I learn to be sit back and count my blessings each day, each moment.
August: More outages, Twilight mania begins, Ton turns 16 and Boni goes on a crazy lemon cleanse.

More power outages, I contemplate basic needs, I reconcile with my brother after over a decade and Wayne proposes!
October: Peyton turns 8, Julian passes suddenly, Blockbuster closes shop, Wayne goes bungee jumping, my brother gets suspended from school, HJ turns 40, Oreo goes missing in Garapan, I contemplate poverty and set my freckles free!

November: We mourn the loss of a fellow blogger (Glen), I finally get and lose my homestead, we make bonfire S'mores, Savannah, Wade, Donny and dad celebrate their birthdays, and I get irked.

December: Christmas lasts for four days this year! We learn the value of old family traditions and the beauty of new ones. The best gifts under the tree are my family and friends who have shared their abundant love. I can't wait for 2009! Happy New Year!!!!!

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bigsoxfan said...

I have to give the Master Cleanse the top story of the year. Horrifying yet at the same time, vaguely calming. Great water cooler story. Have to admit, I would make GlenD my start page, if only for old times sake, if I didn't have a faint hope and feverent desire to make it the top of WWII leader board.