Sunday, June 22, 2008

I forgot to mention

My "other" blog, ahem, the one that started out as something and ended up a divorce journal, is only open by invite.  I had to protect myself from scorpions and so, if you frequent Breathe...breathe (now entitled Divorce is Grand), please let me know by dropping a comment and I'll add you to my list of trusted readers.  I know the military ladies out there that provided so much support often drop by too, so please let me know if you are still willing to travel a different road with me.  
Negligent blogger.  That's me.  I've been quite busy with life, but I've documented some of it and I'll be posting when this nasty bout of tonsillitis clears up and my fever's gone too.  
Sorry Ed, for not making it to the forum.  By the way, I guess CUC is now rationing water too?!   We had to have some water delivered this morning.  What a way to start  a Sunday.  Basic human needs.  Basic.  Let's get that oversight hearing started!


kirida said...

Invite me please?

Tamara said...

Me too! Both of my Divorces were GRAND! ..yes, I said BOTH! ha is good, life is good!

Saipan Patricia said...

Invite me too!

Da Bomb said...

Bon Bon (he he) I mean Boni,-I like Bon Bon, its just a playful name. Invite me too. I frequent your blog, when I get tired of working and take a little break...Im not divorced and not planning on getting one "till I die" as promised, but I just like to hear some "Grand Divorces" I know alot of divorcees...maybe I could lend a hand in giving some tips by hanging out with you. Thanks Boni...By the way, You Look Great!!! Oh, aside from looking sick last week...Hopes you feel better now.

Boni said...

I need email address to invite you to the blog "da bomb". It's the only way.

Deece said...

I'm late! (What's new, huh?) I'm inviting myself. :) Pretty please?