Monday, June 23, 2008

And I left out this one little thing

If you asked for an invite to visit Divorce is Grand, please send me an email or give me your address. In broken Ing-glish: I nit you address fan. My address can be found on my profile page. I got you Kirida!
Check out my baby's new hair. She'll be 13 in July, and I'll be darned if I know where all the time went.
Val and Chris, we miss you. We had such an awesome time together and I am so glad that Val actually got hold of the mic and sang with us - Yay!!! It was such a blast meeting my honey's BFAM. It felt like we'd known one another for years, and boy did we pack some good times in a matter of days, literally folks, days. It all began when......
I went on a random errand, not suspecting anything fabulous would happen and I get this call, " Hon, where are you? Because MY BEST FRIEND CHRIS IS HERE!!!!" The excitement in Wayne's voice was so genuine and heartfelt I couldn't help but smile. "Please pick him up and bring him and his girl up." So I drive to the hotel to Chris and Val, who I've never met looking like I stepped off the tractor at the ranch and I see two people walk out smiling. Chris is grinning from ear to ear and just as excited to be seeing Wayne. Val says he fidgeted the whole time waiting for me to get there.

We have a great day that turned into an wonderful evening of listening to them reminisce about good, funny and downright scary times. But, scary times are all over baby! We decide the good times are here to stay.

Val's never had Korean food before so we eat at Wol Mi Jung, and laughed the night away. We grabbed a night cap at Naked Fish, and then headed over to the Red Box for some karaoke fun. Val said she never sings. Yeah right. By the end of the night we were hoggin' that mic. Step aside Mr. Kaipat, Mrs. Kaipat's signing the next big CD :) We can't wait to see you again Chris and Val. Thanks for the company and the laughter!!


Tamara said...

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Aren't those two just the cutest!!! Chris is an awesome guy and I am soo super happy to see him so super happy! And Val is a wonderful girl. Hope next time we can all hang together!!!

Valerie said...

Hey sinex-ies from Sai-pan!

It was all fun...we are planning our next get away out there again! Don't worry, we'll warn in advance this time!

Take care & much love,
Chris and Val