Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank You

This is almost unforgivably late, but I want to thank everyone who contributed, donated, bought tickets, helped out and showed up to Beijing or Bust at Porky's. We still have a ways to go until all the kids, including Tony Jr. are paid up, so if you want to give to a good cause, please contact Saipan Southern High School and speak with Mr. Will Dewitt.

Thanks to the family for their support. Glenn and I sat at the ticket table the entire night!
What would I do without Wayne? I'd have to drive around dropping off tickets by myself, lug cases of drinks alone, give myself pep talks when it got crazy, tell myself it can be done...
Wayne and the kids were great with the whole thing, especially Hope and Peyton who were more than ready to leave after the band got done playing. Thank guys, what a team!

I don't have a picture of Bruce and Olive, but they are the sweetest folks and put out a delicious Chinese spread for us. Thanks for making Porky's available for an awesome cause.
Saipan Southern High, Mr. Dewitt, The Manta Band and everyone who came to listen to the great jazz they played. Plenty more people bought tickets but couldn't make it on Saturday. Don't fret, you'll see these guys on National TV in China come August!! Thank you so much.
I need to thank Donna, my angel, for the prayers I know she says on our behalf each night and her support. Her picture isn't here, but it's in my heart:) If you didn't make it don't worry, we forgive you. If you're feeling truly horrible about it, you can always donate some money to the kids. They've got a few more weeks to go before getting on the plane to Guam for a grueling summer of practice.


Saipan Writer said...

You're not unforgiveably late. No way.

I finally just posted photos on my blog of the Manta Band's concert at ARC (remember that happened April something...).

I'm sorry I was too sick to come to the fundraiser. It's nice to see pics of the fun.

Good cause. Good luck.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Boni, over on my blog I have listed you as a possible contact for continuing donations as well as Will DeWitt. OKAY?

How long before they leave?

We at Porky's enjoyed helping these great young musicians and thank all who attended the fundraiser. We had a great time.

It's not too late to get that contribution in.

Remember, these students are the CNMI's only representation at the Summer Olympics. So give already!! (:-))