Sunday, April 20, 2008

When Ed Implies That I Am Boring

Not only does Ed spread nasty rumors that I am years older than my youthful 37, he also implies that my blog is zzzzzzzz...boring. It has moved me to update on this beautiful sunny day when I could otherwise be outside really living. Some people are not surgically connected to their Blackberries you know.

Some people go out with their friends and family and make horrible fools of themselves singing karaoke.
Some people make it a point to surround themselves with beauty and warmth. Or wait, was that booty and umph?

They watch the kids simply enjoy growing up together. Play date anyone?

They don't mind getting splashed by a wiggly three year old even after swim time is over.

Sometimes they say "heck with the diet" and eat all the fries they want because it means sharing them with special people.
Sometimes it means letting go and watching their babies become wonderful friends.

Like me. Nah, not boring at all, just living life. Almost to it's fullest. Life is good.


cathy said...

way to go boni!
ed, c'mon now... boni boring? think about that one ;-) i know it's been years, but i don't recall boni letting life pass her by without getting a little bit of it.

Marianas Pride said...

Hmmm, so does this mean I can borrow the pipe?

I never said you were boring...just that you were missed. If anything, you are more exciting than a day at the Seattle zoo! More babelicious than Demi Moore (and you're even older than her)! Wittier than Bill Maher!

Now about that pipe...

hehehe. It's getting hot here in Washington, almost 45 degrees. I am beginning to sweat!

Boni said...

Are you talking about the monkey cage Ed? Demi Moore is 35? Who's Bill Maher?

Jeff said...

Who is Bill Maher? Shame, Boni.

Cynthia and I discussed this after we saw you at the hospital and we both agreed you were looking hot.

Boni said...

Kidding about Maher. Loved it when he kicked that audience member out for heckling. Thanks J&C, but you guys were still in a state of euphoria/delirium from that gorgeous new baby and the delivery,hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone here!! You ARE MISSED!!! Hope that you do enjoy every minute of what you got. Don't let ANYONE bring you down...still happy!

As for being hot...I've mentioned to you that you do look good and don't let him tell you otherwise, you have beautiful children to remind you of your beauty!

As always, keep up the beauty and all the smiles...Hugs and kisses to the kiddies!!

--Happiness in Houston!

Forgotten said...

I love reading your blog, Boni! I just realized that you have your kids doing it too! What a great idea! I just might have to steal that idea!

downunderthunder said...

ya i missed your blog too. you never revealed who wore tennis shoes to the swearing in! who was it inquiring minds whatn to know~!