Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because we have so many things to be proud of in the Marianas

This is my boss Ed. He pays me well above minimum wage. Wait, how much are frozen margaritas? Anyway, I recently got promoted from writing stories about local produce to actually doing a piece on a real person. Hopefully next time when he lets me out of the barracks I can write another story for his magazine. I really like my boss Ed. He made me say that.

Check out the new MP Magazine. Locally owned and locally printed. It's what you call a coffee table magazine because it's so pretty you can use it for decoration and it's so well done you'll have to keep drinking coffee because you won't be able to put it down. He didn't make me say that.


Marianas Pride said...

Lol! Boni, how much is it going to cost me now that I'm getting great advertising on ur blog? You are awesome! By the way, be sure to have kleenex on hand when you read Boni's article on the music man of the Marianas, Will Dewitt. Entitled "Will Dewitt's Opus," it is an inspirational and uplifting piece about a teacher who goes beyond the realm of teaching. Boni, I am honored to have you write for us. Thank you for raising the bar once again! It is talented writers like you that make MP what it is--a literary masterpiece.

It is the best $3.50 you will ever spend! ;)

Happy hour (s) in Margaritaville await you Boni!!

Anonymous said...

I would very much like a copy of the magazine. I am off island though, how can I purchase one?

catpag said...

Boni, looking forward to reading more of your writing. You've always been good with the pen...
Ed, so how do I get a copy from way out here?
Nice to see great talent shared. You both are doing real good!!!

Boni said...

Hey cat, send me your swiss account number and I will charge it to you! JJ, send your address and i'll make sure you get a signed copy from Mr. MP himself.