Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Last Mallard and the Marianas Trench

Angelo (A.K.A. "action in tattered jeans") is asking us to do what we should anyway - get involved in what happens to our environment. I'm in a forgiving mood, so even though Angelo is indirectly linked to the extinction of my school mascot, I will offer the same plea. Read, share, listen and participate in any way you can to what happens in our home. Somebody's coming to dinner in the Marianas. Let's set out a plate and talk.

A proposal for a National Park of the Sea will soon be introduced. I know nothing about it, except it has something to do with the Marianas Trench. You can visit Angelo's blog for more information.


Anonymous said...

See here or here

kirida said...

Why isn't Angelo wearing any pants in that picture?