Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get ready to delurk! No, really it's legal, and it won't hurt, trust me...

Get ready CNMI, it's time for bloggers to de-lurk! I see you there peeking into my posts from the shadows, reading my most personal thoughts, and thinking to yourself is this woman for real? Uh-yeah!

I let you in, sure. Now it's time for you to let me in. Tell me what you're thinking, go ahead pull out that keyboard and let it flow, I want to know. Who cares, you ask? Lot's of other bloggers, I say. This is for all of us who ever wondered if our post smelled like fafa. Wetz brat, your post is stinky, that's why no one comments!

Yes, for all the bloggers out there who need that comment-hug they never got. For all the posts that you thought never got read, that were so funny it had folks rolling on the floor. For our country, the STAR, the NMI Inc.

Do it for your country gatchong.

It's easy. Read, comment and you're done. Don't visit a blog without leaving a thought. Even non-bloggers can de-lurk. Non-bloggers are more lurksome, after all. The Paper Napkin did this last year and remember when Mona did the Mofo Delurk in October? I can't wait for October! Can you? That's like 2, 5, 6...plenty months from now!

We in the CNMI are going to put our own little twist on this baby. Here are the rules bloggers:

1. Create your own de-lurking banner. Be as spunky. Be creative. Be cranky. Just don't be crude or use lots of words my children aren't allowed to hear, say or repeat. Here's an example of a de-lurk banner from Paper Napkin.2. Email your banner to That's me.
3. I'll post all the banners I get on my blog on January 12th for blogger viewing and selection.
4. January 14 -18 will be the Great CNMI De-Lurk. Make sure to put your banner up and remind your visitors to comment! I'll put up a short explanation later that you can use. Again, during these days, you are not to visit a blog without leaving a comment.

That's it. Easy right? If you're not a blogger, you can still join. Just make sure you post a comment. This is not about cliques or blogangs, or friending me-friending you stuff. This is me asking all of you to just hang out with me for a few days. If you really want to know why I'm doing this, I just need a friend this week. Now everybody....awwwwww

Who's in? Who's in? Who says, shut up Boni, shove your stinkin' de-lurk plan where the sun don't shine - I like being a kukaracha!


Saipan Writer said...

You're on break, aren't you?! Time on your hands? I can tell--a scheme like this is hatched by the freshly released, I mean, relaxed. [grin]

I have a big trial set for the week of the de-lurk.

I don't know how to make banners.

And I cringe in fear whenever I see that someone has commented on my blog. (e.g. My post #108 has recently gotten more comments of the hot-under-the-collar type.)

Is that enough good reason to decline the invite? I'll comment (because I have trouble keeping my mouth shut), if I'm visiting any blogs that week, though. Promise.

And on a side note--I'll be celebrating one year of blogging later in January, I think. If I live / blog that long. It's been a bumpy ride.

So ya'll go on and have your big "de-lurk" binge. I wish you the best. And the best throughout the new year. :-)

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Now your chat message makes more sense.

Missy said...

I don't know how to make a banner, but I am interested in what others come up with.

Thanks for the suggestion of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. V.V.Good! Exactly the type of book I enjoy. Now I am on a quest to learn more about the whole foot binding mutilation, er, I mean ritual. What constitutes beauty is amazing.

From one military wife to another, I would give you a big hug right now. Hang in there and let me know if there is anything we can do.

: )

Tamara said...

Teach me how to make a banner..I wanna play!

Boni said...

I'm so totally not an expert on making banners, but I would say, use any art software like photoshop, omnigraffle, etc. and pick a graphic and add some text to it. Save it as a JPEG and you're all set. If there is someone out there with more knowledgeable advice, please chime in!

hello insomnia said...

You should just have one banner, that way everyone would link back to you. Do you need help with this? I have Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator.

Also, does a commenter have to be physically in the CNMI to delurk or is it meant to delurk on CNMI blogs?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Okay, I'm game. I'll send you a banner and drop by to post a comment or two.

Meanwhile,,,,HAPPY NEW YEAR, Boni and all your Family!!

Boni said...

Mona: I thought about one banner, but there were so many creative ones that I thought it would be fun to see a variety. Thanks! I'd like to see yours,and all the bloggers can join, just send your banner in CNMIers and those who love the CNMI!
Bruce: Thanks for the margarita, and tell Olive that I think she's a sweetheart. She was really nice to me one evening when I stopped by just to get some stress off.
Jane: I am taking a few days off, so you could say I've been released:)
Tami: You are the wittiest person I've seen in a long time, can't wait to see your banner!
Missy: I loved the book too, I'm trying to decide if I want to read Peony in Love, but I've been a little stuck on some middle eastern books, the last great one: The Blood of Flowers.
Ang: my chats rarely make any sense!

trying said...

de-lurking sounds like a great idea. but im a tech dork so i havent a clue how to make a banner type of thing... I'll just have to follow your lead.

rev said...

lurk. lurk. lurk.

sounds like Popeye's guffaw every time he sees Olive Oil's undies...


James said...

If I can remember to make a banner in the next couple of days I'll send it in.

I am a reader not a writer. LoL

Boni said...

For everyone who doesn't know how to make a banner and just wants to play, all the banners will be posted on the 12th! Put one on your blog with a description of what it means to de-lurk (later) and we'll start on Jan. 14. This means that on that week, no one who visits your blog should leave without commenting and no one you visit should be commentless either. NO LURKING nay (for all the non-Chamorro speakers, please see the Whatever blog on my roll for the meaning of "nay")

dekada lawyer said...


You are really, really good.

That said, I don't know that I can abide by those rules. Not visit a blog without leaving a comment -- for five days? I'd have to self-impose a five-day moratorium from visiting blogs just so as to be able to claim compliance.

Time factor you know. Make a banner as well? Campaign for others to de-lurk on my blogs? Whew! Translation: no sleep, no work . . . harried and frustrated. I don't think so.

Some of you must read, write, and create really, really fast. Not me.

It's good if people read my blogs and my website. And I welcome comments and email, but I don't think I want especially to promote it. If I get all those comments, I have to read them . . . and maybe respond. It's not just that they may be negative or even hostile (as Saipan Writer notes)-- although that is no fun -- but the sheer volume.

Another important thing. Much as I like your blog, I am often reluctant to come here because it takes FOREVER to load and practically freezes up my machine while it does so.

If I open task manager to see if I can figure out what is causing the problem, it will actually show two instances of IE 7.0 for your page, one of which is flagged as "not responding." When your blog finally finishes loading (after approximately nine minutes), the "not responding" instance disappears.

You have a lot of graphics, widgets, and stuff on your blog, and some part of this must be causing the problem. Actually, your page appears right away, but it is impossible to scroll or page down, and everything on my machine slows to a crawl. There is a lot of drive activity, big, regular spikes of CPU usage, and intermitent spikes of network activity.

I suggest you try removing things one by one (starting with the widgets) until you find the culprit. Please . . . .

Finally, I know Tony shipped out Iraq already, and you need all the virtual hugs you can get, so here's MINE. I'm behind you 100% on the whole war thing, and we all pray for Tony's safe return. I don't relish the thought of the time when my Army Reserve son deploys, although he, of course, is all gung-ho and wants to go.

Boni said...

Thank you Mr. Woodruff, for the kind words and the virtual hug. My blog load plagues and perplexes me. I will try to re-size my photos when time allows, but I went back and looked at them and found that I don't have the heart to remove most of them. I don't have any problems with any of my macs, and the only other person I know who is ok, is Angelo. Otherwise, I know I've caused many a reader heartache. Don't pull your hair out yet, I am going to try and rectify this!

James: you're promising to make a banner? Yay!

Rev: stop lurking.