Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Both wings fully engaged

Thank you to everyone, and I do mean everyone who has given us comfort this past week. Our hearts are so full. We're doing okay, hanging in there and waiting to see how the next few days unfold. Tony's Aunt Patty sent an email reminding me that "a bird with one wing flies in circles". Though some minutes are better than others, we Gomez's have put both wings on and we're determined to fly straight through this crummy storm.

So as not to bombard this blog with deployment issues, I've started a new blog dedicated to our next twelve months. There's so much more going on in this world than war. War is not our focus, Tony is. My wonderful husband is preparing himself best he can and we will too, by making sure things are squared away on the homefront. You can drop by Breathe.. to see how we're doing Army-wise. Thanks for the support guys!
By the way, I'm on official leave right now and not using the Government LAN, and not on PSS time. It's not as if I'm commenting or posting today while actually in my office scarfing down my lunch instead of eating out, or God forbid, spending my Saturday afternoon doing work instead of spending time with my children. But, all that is for another time. One crisis a day please.


Marianas Eye said...

Hi Boni,

I'm so sorry to hear about Tony's deployment. You and Tony and your family are in my prayers.

Warmest regards,


kilili said...

Greetings Boni,

Please know that I shall remember you and Tony and your Children in my prayers.


Boni said...

Thank you Dave and tiu-hu, he really is the love of my life. I find myself repeating that over and over again these days.