Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have realized lately, that I'm always holding on for something to be done.  It's become my coping mechanism for handling multiple tasks without freaking out.  I stay calmer when I know that things don't last forever.  For instance, I'll start a project or commit to something and think the whole time, "three more weeks and it'll be over."  Everything ends, eventually.  The weekend's over, accreditation's done, my sister's married, my son's a man and I am 40.  Then  I'll move on to the next thing and in no time the days will flicker, like lights before the power goes out, and that too will pass, with or without me thinking about it.  Tomorrow becomes 30 minutes from now so quickly.  The future is a memory waiting to happen.  It's a good thing and a bad thing. 
Do this.  Wherever you are, consciously decide to remember every detail about the moment.  What you're wearing, the way your skin feels in your clothes, the smells, how you feel . . . and try to imagine it as a memory.   Poof. 

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