Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage CorningWare...I'm Speechless

My mom came over with several pots of orchids for our yard last Friday.  Yes, that was nice, but if you know my mother she is always giving me some quirky garage sale find she managed to hoard for years, just waiting for the perfect time to surprise me. "Hmmm... Good Friday, I think Boni could use another Southwest deviled eggs tray." 
Her favorite presents are old dishes, magazines with living healthy advice about 20 years too old or ginormous tapestries mounted on gold plated frames. It used to bug me, but now that I've found mismatched kitchenware to be chic, I gratefully accept all things as long they aren't from China.  My mother dislikes anything from China, even though everything comes from China.  Except fortune cookies.  I get those on the internet for cheap.  I kinda like that there are hints of her everywhere now.  It kind of reminds me that I though I try to put everything in neat little piles, not everything belongs that way.  Like life.

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