Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Cherry Tree

The mansanita berry.  We called them cherries when we were little, but they're really plump little berries with tiny little seeds the pop in your mouth like fruit caviar.  I spent many days in Chalan Lao Lao climbing mansanita trees with my cousins as a little girl.  

Sommer, my little monkey.  We planted this tree a year and a half ago.  Now it's taller than our house.  It's such a great feeling watching the girls get active climbing and playing in the yard.  Who says all kids do nowadays is play video games and watch tv? Phooey :)

Peyton got almost two palms full of "cherries".  She ran in the house to share with everyone.  

Sometimes you don't get to enjoy the fruit of your labor until you get your hands and knees dirty.  Then one day, when you least expect it, boom!  Your palm runneth over.

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