Sunday, March 21, 2010


After uploading some photos on FB today I realized that today was 1) one of those perfect Sundays and 2) my husband is really my best friend.  You can't plan perfect days.  You can hope your one day off is relaxing and try and make it that way, but truly awesome days just come together somehow. I slept in this morning even though Wayne had to go to work super early, but at around 9am he came back from work with a triumphant , "it was canceled!" Yippee, we slept in later :)   At noon, we got the kids in the car and took a road trip to find some of Saipan's more popular landmarks.  The girls got to see some places they'd never been to before and I realized that there may not be much to do on Saipan, but that's proportionately dependent on what what you value to be worthwhile. Sometimes you just have to get out and find your bliss.  We make it a point to do things that the kids can get actively involved in, but our usual beach Sunday turned out even better on the road. 
One thing I love about my husband is the fact that we have fun doing even the most mundane of things. Maybe fun is not the word.  We enjoy each others' company no matter what it is we are doing.  That's both new and amazing to me.  As we prepared dinner, I caught myself thinking how great it was to share a task with someone who loves being with me.  We laughed and joked, chopped and mixed and by the time we were done we had a great meal prepared in the time it took the kids to finish their dvd.  After dinner, the kids took over the cleaning and we sat outside in the cool Papago air together.  I love that we laugh.  I don't remember ever being like this and I'm grateful for my best friend.  A lot of times we can't wait for Fridays and we spend our whole week counting down the days, but if every Sunday were like this, Fridays would definitely get bumped off my TGI list.

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Deece said...

Nice. We play Sunday's by ear, that Sunday we took the kids out to the Last Command Post and Bonzai after breakfast. I love Sundays. We've been meaning to take them to the zoo, but haven't yet. How did you like it?