Sunday, February 7, 2010

Punting tomorrow, bundting tonight

The beach was a bust today because it was too cold for the girls and the surf was a bit dangerous.  It turned out ok, we lounged and got some much needed rest.  I've Still got to run to the office tonight and get the bulletins copied and placed in boxes, but for a few sweet minutes tonight mini bundts came out of the oven and filled the kitchen with the aroma of blueberries.  Making sweets with my little sweets, what could be better?  Absolutely nothing.


Last night Wayne and I took Sommer and Peyton to the movies to see Avatar.  Both girls were mesmerized by the special effects and stayed focused during the 3 hour show.  At one point though, when Jake is getting painted for his coming of age ceremony, Sommer turned to me and whispered, "I think he looks kinda ridiculous."    
Tomorrow is Superbowl Monday.  
Where are you going to be?

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Road-Block Blogger said...

I loved the movies, but I missed the Bundt... I heard they were delicious from our precious' and for that I was all the merrier it went into their tummies.

Thanks for the lovely day spent!

Your hubby.