Sunday, February 14, 2010

About me two/too

continued from What About Me
11.  I'm a boring, chicken of a driver. I've been in four car accidents in my life. The first one was with my grandfather's brand new 280Z in high school. He brought it home from the dealer's in the morning and I begged to take it to school until he gave in. So, without a license I drove it the Mt. Carmel parking lot, picked up some girlfriends then while driving across the street to Diego's Mart, I didn't stop to look and got sideswiped in front of all my friends. The most recent was last year on my way home from work. I was nearing the Kagman Mobil station when a truck fishtailed right into my lane. I had two of my daughters with me, but thankfully no one was hurt. Everytime my 16 year son gets behind the wheel I get a little dizzy and I feel like I want to hurl because I'm so scared. This morning before he left for school, he looked out his window and said, "Yes mom, drive slow, put on my seatbelt, stop at red lights, turn the music down...anything else?" Yes son. Be careful, I love you.
12.   I can't do any work if the papers on my desk are not stacked in perfect piles. Everything on my desk has it's own place. When I start to work, it's ok for everything to be askew, but as soon as I'm done or before the next task, things must be rearranged. At meetings, my handouts must be properly stacked and placed in just the right setting. I put the agenda to the left of me and other paperwork in a neat pile on the upper right hand corner. Computer directly in front, drink to the right or left corner only, phones on my right by the pile of paperwork or out of the way. It's ok to have them askew if they are part of the agenda being discussed, but as soon as we're done, they need to be stacked again.
13.  Sometimes I feel bad that I'm not so warm and fuzzy. I don't cry at sappy chic flicks. Yes, that was me giggling in the theater as Mr. Right walked away in the rain forever, while Ms. Right stood drenched, deciding if she should tell him how much she really does love him or spare him a life of agony watching her waste away from some terminal disease. I like to look at the needle piercing my skin when I'm getting shots. I'm the family mid-wife because I don't get weirded out by pain and screaming. "Here comes another BIG contraction, it's gonna hurt like heck honey, but I know you can do it. Now lift those knees and P-U-S-H!!" Don't get me wrong, I feel all the mushy emotions, but for some reason my tear ducts don't always reciprocate.
14. (How weird is it that I wrote this a year ago on Valentine's Day?) Since it is Valentine's Day, today's random thing is about sappy stuff. The first song I ever slow danced to was "Making love out of nothing at all" by Air Supply. I had my first boyfriend in the 8th grade and my first serious relationship in the 11th grade. The first time I got dumped my father put me on his lap and told me to go to school the next day and pretend like nothing happened, "Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt you" he said.  After that I never dated anyone twice.  I am a one man woman and I got a second chance at forever. 
15.  I never fail to overextend myself even though I have a to-do list as long as my arm and regularly fill out a pretty detailed calendar. This week I have professional development, a meeting to complete a federal report, a court hearing, a child's birthday, a dinner to host, three off island trips and a concert to plan. I stay pretty calm throughout schedules like this until something unexpected happens and I've left with no room for adjustment. I suppose I should learn to plan better. Perhaps if I pencil in "mishap" and "calamity" I'll avoid them.

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